Sustain Variety Pack Condoms, (Ultra Thin, Tailored Fit and Comfort Fit)

  • $14.95

Nitrosomine Free - These carcinogens are found in most condoms, and we don't think they have any business being in your vagina. No to child labor. Yes to fair wages, free education, and healthcare for the entire community from which we source our rubber.

Sustain's mission is to celebrate, educate and support women by providing the products, knowledge and inspiration they need to proudly take control of their sexual health. Operating at the highest level of sustainability, Sustain aims to be a disruptive force in the sexual wellness industry, driving it towards greater access, safer products, and increased transparency. 10 percent of profits support women’s health organizations in the U.S.


  • The Sustain Ultra Thin condom provides a heightened sexual experience (thinner latex) with no compromise in safety (triple tested, like all of our condoms). Lubricated inside and out.
  • Our Tailored Fit condom (Tailored sounds better than small, right?) provides extra security to ensure that things stay in place - no matter how heated the action gets.
  • Our Comfort Fit condom has a tapered base for a secure fit and is wider towards the tip (think: baseball bat), allowing for greater freedom of movement as you do what comes naturally.


Why Sustain?

Jeffrey Hollender, who revolutionized the green household product industry at Seventh Generation, and his daughter Meika, are setting out on an unlikely family business—Sustain, the first all natural and sustainable brand of sexual wellness products made by women for women. Sustain is working to empower women to take charge of their sexual health. Sustain Condoms are non-toxic and sustainably produced using natural, certified Fair Trade rubber. Sustain organic lubricants are water and aloe based and are free of parabens, petroleum, and glycerin. Sustain condoms are available in Lubricated Ultra Thin, Tailored Fit, and Comfort Fit. Sustain lubricants are available in unscented and lavender. #dowhatsnatural

Every single condom is individually electronically tested for safety and FDA approved.

* Stainless steel case sold separately.