Sir Richard's Condoms Variety Pack

  • $9.95

These variety packs contain three (3) styles of premium Sir Richard's condoms.

  • Classic Ribbed
    • Why mess with a classic? Our Classic Ribbed condom has a traditional design with a touch of texture, perfect for every situation. The ribs are crafted to provide increased sensation and stimulation, while the classic design offers the perfect fit. Think of it as a designer pinstripe suit for your (or your man’s) penis. Give your partner something classic, something sexy, something that feels aaah-mazing.
    • A traditional design, ideal for any traditional or untraditional plans you might have. Trust the classic, it won’t disappoint.
  • Pleasure Dots
    • These cute little dots pack a pleasure punch like Muhammad Ali. You won’t hear your woman saying “WOW”, because Sir Richard’s Pleasure Dot condoms will stimulate her speechless. Picture hundreds of little magic dots helping to take her to a place she’ll never want to leave. A little bit of texture can go a long way…again, and again, and again.
    • You and hundreds of dots working toward one, mutually beneficial goal. Excite and stimulate for the ultimate experience.
  • Ultra Thin
    • Ultra Thin condoms for ultimate sensitivity. These condoms are as close to skin on skin as you can get, making sex feel as intimate as possible. We like to think of these as our “barely there” condoms. Keep the sensation and keep the sensitivity with Sir Richard’s Ultra Thin
    • As strong as our other condoms but so sheer it allows for supreme sensitivity and pleasure beyond compare.


Sir Richard’s makes the world’s finest condoms. Each of our all-natural latex products is free of glycerin, parabens, spermicide and petrochemicals. They are Vegan certified, PETA approved with minimal latex odor. We utilize numerous tests to ensure your safety and a number of more enjoyable tests to ensure your pleasure so enjoy them confidently.

From their humble beginning, Sir Richard’s has been synonymous with premium, responsibly produced condoms made from all natural latex. From Ultra Thin to Pleasure Dots, you can trust we’ve got you covered.