Synergy Erotic Prostate-Pro Max

Prostate Pro Max

  • $55.95
  • Save $6

The Synergy Erotic Prostate-Pro Max is the ULTIMATE anal sex toy! Why?

  • Silicone is the ultimate sex toy material; it’s non-porous, can be totally disinfected, making it a perfect anal toy material
  • Synergy Erotic’s exclusive “Hands Free” Retention Ring allows the user to put the Prostate-Pro Max in place and enjoy hands free stimulation
  • A large, 2 ¼ inch diameter makes the Prostate-Pro Max a sizable anal toy, commanding respect and exercising the sphincter
  • A MASSIVE, low-frequency vibrator with 7 various vibrating/pulsating functions
  • A memory chip that allows the user to return to their favorite setting without having to scroll through all the various functions
  • 100% submersible means your Prostate-Pro Max can join you in the shower, the tub, or just about anywhere the fun takes you
  • 90-day replacement warranty
Synergy Erotic ALWAYS recommends using a water-based lubricant with silicone toys! Regardless of what ANY lubricant or other toy manufacturer claims, it is NEVER a good idea to use a silicone based lubricant with a silicone toy.