Banana Golds Latex Condoms

  • $8.95

Feels like nothing, shines like gold! Flex fit, ultra thin and lubricated.

The original Banana Golds' Condoms shipped right to your bedroom door.  

Put a little #Gold in your Life!

"...the mission of Banana Golds is to make condoms cool by spreading safe sex awareness and to make protected sex fun, popular, sensual and golden. The condoms are  tested for strength and reliability, exceed US and ISO standards, durable and made with high quality premium lubricant and latex.

...Banana Golds reports it is also dedicated to the idea of promoting safe sex. Its #makecondomscool hashtag is designed to change public perception and popularize condom usage and safe sex. Additionally, for every multi-pack that Banana Golds sells, they will donate one condom to deserving charities."