Shipping and Handling

Free Shipping

We know that money is tight when you are starting out. We also realize that using your parents' Amazon Prime account to take advantage of free shipping might be a little uncomfortable when ordering condoms.

We ship our orders First Class via the US Postal Service anywhere in the continental United States.

Packaging and Handling

We do our best to keep costs down so that we can keep the prices down for you.  We buy hundreds of thousands of condoms in bulk, basically big boxes of condoms packed loosely. As an FDA-registered repacker, we are permitted to repackage condoms in various quantities to meet customer demands and preferences. This means that the quantities you receive are not the standard (12 pieces, 24 pieces, etc.) quantities.

We do not carry many 3-packs because the economics of them do not make them particularly affordable. Instead we encourage you to try our Variety Packs. These allow you to purchase quantities as low as nine (9) or twelve (12) AND try different styles and brands.

We pack our condoms in a sealed plastic bag with instructions and information.