Self Love

The old joke goes that nine out of ten men masturbate and the tenth lies about it.  What to do when you're in the mood and your partner is either unwilling...or non-existent? Take matters into your own hand (or hands) of course. Whether you're experienced or just have some questions, check out this article from CPSH about self-pleasure in general and these tips for men (no pun intended).



We offer an extensive selection of products to assist you in satisfying yourself. In addition to the lubricants, we offer some creams for the man who wants to change up his routine such as the ELBOW GREASE line. For the ladies we also have the top-selling massager of all time, the Magic Wand from Vibratex (both original corded and now rechargeable).

Most people learn what they enjoy sexually by exploring what feels good when they touch themselves. As our bodies’ age and change, so may our desires and techniques. Masturbation can be an integral part of knowing ourselves and what we enjoy or don’t, regardless of how young or old. Believe it or not, lots of people masturbate in lots of different ways. If your masturbation routine could use some spicing up, be sure to check out our catalog for ideas of activities and sensations you might like to try.

Masturbation is fun, it’s a stress reliever, a boredom basher, a mood enhancer, it can make you a better lover, and it’s good for you!



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