Giving Back

Whom do we support?

We did not start this solely to make money. We wanted this site to be a resource for young adults as well as a force for good through sharing information and giving back to those who make a difference in our community. We want to support those whose missions align with our values.

Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health LogoWe have been fortunate to meet some terrific groups in the sexual wellness and education arena.  Among them is the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health in Providence, Rhode Island. They were instrumental in shaping our approach to what our customers really need. Founded by Megan Andelloux in 2010, the center has earned a reputation for nurturing a sexpositive environment and educational program for everyone, wherever they may be on the sexual spectrum.


From time to time as the need arises we will support other causes.

How much goes to these organizations?

We commit to donating 10% of our NET revenue to these organizations. This means that we will donate 10 cents of every dollar we make to one of these worthy groups. 


The above organizations have neither solicited nor provided any inducement for these contributions. These organizations have no affiliation with or ownership interest in either or Stuff Guys Dig LLC.  They make no endorsements of any of our products, materials or statements. Honestly, we are just trying to give back to those who help make our business possible and valuable to our community and our customers.