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Review by Raquel Roper

Raquel Roper with Wicked LubeWhen I was offered a selection of Wicked Aqua flavored lubricant to try, I must say that I was quite hesitant. Flavored lubricants have never offered me a pleasurable user experience in the past. Whenever I have purchased a flavored lubricant, what I received when it hit my taste buds was far from the “succulant sour apple” the bottle promised. The overpowering taste of the serum remained in my mouth well after the fact, and if aimed anywhere near mine or my partner's genitals; we would be faced with regrettable, reddening, irritation. So to say that I was a bit wary despite Wicked’s reassuring Vegan, No Sticky, No Aftertaste, promising packaging is an understatement. Due to my curious nature and desire to try all sorts of new sexually stimulating products; I decided to face my lubricating fears! My results beheld quite a pleasant surprise.

Wicked Aqua offered a unique selection of flavorings that are right off the bat, unlike those I had seen distributed by other companies on the market. Candy Apple, Cherry Cordial, Mocha Java, Salted Carmel, Vanilla Bean, Pomagrante, Cinnamon Bun - all flavors outside of the comfort zone of the more common and standard Banana, Strawberry & Watermelon. These complex flavors stoked my hesitation at first, having no past luck with less intricately flavored products; doubts remained high. Despite ,y trepidation, I decided to have a try first hand with a bottle of Cinnamon Bun.

In the case of the Cinnamon Bun flavor, this Wicked Aqua lube is entirely what it claims to be. I was shocked by what grazed my palette the first time I dapped a bit onto my finger and touched it to my tongue. The flavor, not overpowering, but true to it’s name & the texture itself not thick as should be expected with a quality water base. It was light and held the flavor as promised. It felt as though I had just sunk my teeth into a fluffy, hot, glazed cinnamon pastry! Passing the finger test, I knew what had to come next was something more “in the field” to see if the lubricant could be used in more “interactive” & juicy scenarios. So after shooting one afternoon, I asked my partner if he would be willing for an oral experiment with my lips, hands & the bottle of Cinnamon Bun; an invitation which he eagerly accepted.

Not only did it make the experience that much more enjoyable for me and my taste buds, but my partner complained of no burning or irritation to his genitals as I coated him in the silky lubricant. The lubricant’s flavor not overwhelming, the serum itself long lasting; not drying up even with a bit of “handling friction”.

Wicked Sensual Flavored LubeI myself, am a bit more sensitive when it comes to any sort of products involving areas of my skin. After my partner wasn’t complaining about any sort of discomfort with the lubricant still after quite a bit of use however, I decided to try it on myself as well. I did not use this product internally, due to this sensitive (for reference to both male and females who are sensitive & hold allergies to certain lubricants the list of ingredients for this product are as followed: "Water, Glycerin, Cellulose Gum, Stevia Rebaudiana Extract, Olea Europaea (Olive) Leaf Extract, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Tetrasodium EDTA, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Flavor”) I did however, use the lubricant externally, and same as in my partners case, enjoyed a pleasurable experience with the fragrant & tasteful product. I may in the future, attempt in using it internally since I was pleased with all other results, Including clean up. When play time was over, the lubricant didn’t stick everywhere and was smoothly removable with a damp towel.

I believe the only “con” in regards to Wicked’s Aqua flavors collection, is that in the list of ingredients towards the end it merely says “flavor”. I believe the wording is a bit too broad, and would have other customers as well curious as to what exactly the company means when listing it on the bottle. Providing this information may assist in prevention of some sort of allergy mishap when an individual chooses to use the lubricant, offering a thorough understanding of said flavor's formulation. Other than that however, I can honestly say that I am both surprised and impressed with Wicked’s Aqua Cinnamon Bun that I used & taste tested. I will be purchasing some of the other flavors surely in the future to see if they offer the same pleasant experience as the Cinnamon Bun did.

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