Cloud 9 Silicone Pro Plug Large with Silver Vibe

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Review by Lady Bliss

I'll admit, I'm a novice when it comes to anal plugs.  Does it really feel good?  How difficult is it to use?  Cloud 9's large anal plug looked a little intimidating at first but I quickly discovered it was perfect.

Let's start with texture and appearance:

Is it truly a 'large' as stated on the package?  The measurements are approximately 3 and 1/2 inches long (not including the vibrator or handle) with a girth of 5 inches at the widest point.   This is not stated on the package.  Whether this is an industry standard for a 'large', I'm not sure, but it seemed large to me as a beginner.

The package was easy to open, no scissors needed.  The batteries did pop out onto the floor and they are tiny, so be careful.  The texture was so silky smooth, just like the package stated.   The handle ergonomically fits into your hand and is easy to bend.

I saw no directions for inserting the  batteries so I opened the cap and I guessed.   Somehow, lucky me, I guessed correctly.  The next day I saw a tiny piece of paper on the floor and it was the directions for the batteries.  The directions stated NOT TO remove the film inside the battery compartment..... And it also stated to REMOVE the white or clear circle separator from the battery compartment before first use.  How confusing is that?!?   As I said earlier, I never saw the directions... I just popped the 4 batteries in and it worked for me.

First use of product:

I used a quality lubricant and found it at first challenging to insert but after a few gentle thrusts the plug fit like a glove.   I had no problems with it staying put inside me.   With the vibrator on, It felt like it was stimulating me but I thought I needed a little more so I used a generic clitoral massager.   The vibration was what I would consider moderate- not too little and not too much.   The noise from the vibration was easily ignored.  With the two of them together (the anal plug and the massager), I experienced an intense orgasm very quickly.   After I was finished I really didn't want to take the plug out, it's vibrations felt so good.   But alas, I wanted to write my review and communicate to you the absolute fun I had in using this product.  In the end it took a little time to pull out the plug but the handle made it fairly easy.   It was also easy to clean (I used a Cloud 9 Novelties spray toy cleaner and rinsed with water and let dry.  .....)

Second use:

This time I used a thicker lubricant and I inserted the plug and walked through my house.  The plug stayed in, it's vibration sounds were minimal (though I don't think I would go out in public with it - but you could with the vibrator turned off).   I could sit on a chair and couch with it, the handle molded to my body easily.   Interestingly enough, walking and going up and down steps with it made me a bit nauseated.  At the same time, I could also start to feel myself getting aroused.   I decided to use a generic thin dido at the same time and although my orgasm was not as quick as the first time, it was actually even more intense, possibly because I had been walking with it inserted for at least 10 minutes.   Because of the intensity when I was coming, the plug popped out -so that was a little distracting- but overall did not interfere with the orgasmic experience.

Once the session was over I realized the vibration of the plug was not as strong as it was when I first used it.   It now is just a slight vibration with a tiny hum.   I'm not sure why.


Definitely highly recommended for more intense orgasms than with a clitoral massager or dildo alone.   Easy enough to insert for a beginner (stay relaxed!) and easy to clean with a cleaner made specifically for toys. 

Did pay for this product?     YES
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Lady Bliss is a college-educated mom in her forties who is open-minded towards not only others' sexuality but has taken time in recent years to experiment with her own. She has a busy schedule but has begun to take time for herself and learn more about what gives her pleasure. Recently, she has expanded her sexual boundaries to include bisexuality and group sex and hopes to help others expand their boundaries as well whether it be with a partner(s) or alone.

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