Cloud 9 Novelties G Spot Massager, Curved

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Review by Lady Bliss

I've now written a few reviews for this website and for some reason held off doing the review for the Cloud 9 Novelties G Spot Massager, Curved. At first when I opened my box of toys to review, it seemed very large to me in terms of length and the size of the g spot tip. After spending several months reviewing various novelties, I believe the massager now to be too small (both in length of wand and tip of bulb). That's because I no longer consider myself a novice but a moderate user of sex toys.

Cloud 9 Novelties G Spot Massager, CurvedThis product would be ideal for a beginner and in that case, I would recommend it wholeheartedly. But for me, compared to some other vibrators, it didn't quite do the trick as far as hitting the right spot. My partner did notice it had a strong vibration, stronger than some of the other massagers I have used in the past. It slid it easily, without added lubrication, but I was already wet so extra lubrication was not necessary. My partner said he inserted it the whole way in and it did feel good for me, just not great. We both would give it a 5/10. Again, a little higher rating would be warranted if you are a sex toy beginner.

I can't help thinking this massager might be used for anal play, even though the purpose is obviously for stimulation of the g spot.

One caveat: The wand does NOT come with AA batteries. That was a real disappointment opening the package during foreplay only to find that I had to interrupt and rummage through the junk drawer downstairs to find two batteries then get them inserted properly in the dark.

As always- and apparently I have not yet learned this lesson- it is best to make sure everything is functioning properly BEFORE playtime. In conclusion I do still want to recommend the product, as it was somewhat satisfying and fun to try out, but I doubt it would cause any intense orgasms.

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Lady Bliss is a college-educated mom in her forties who is open-minded towards not only others' sexuality but has taken time in recent years to experiment with her own. She has a busy schedule but has begun to take time for herself and learn more about what gives her pleasure. Recently, she has expanded her sexual boundaries to include bisexuality and group sex and hopes to help others expand their boundaries as well whether it be with a partner(s) or alone.

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